Top Reasons You May Want To Install Plantation Shutters In Your Master Bathroom

Posted on: 12 April 2022

If you are renovating your master bathroom, you might have already chosen your flooring, vanity, shower head and more. You might be stuck on which window coverings you want to purchase and install in your master bathroom, though. It's true that this can be a hard decision to make. Although there are many different window coverings that can be used in the bathroom, plantation shutters are often a great choice for master bathrooms. These are a few reasons why.

They're Great For Providing Privacy

First of all, of course, you'll want to be sure that you have plenty of privacy from the outside world when you're in your master bathroom. Plantation shutters that are properly sized for your windows and that are closed should provide plenty of privacy.

You Can Choose The Amount Of Lighting You Want

At times, you might want your master bathroom to be nice and dark, such as when you're having a candlelight bath. In this case, you will probably want to keep your plantation shutters closed. However, if you would like to allow a little natural light in — for instance, so that you can see better when you're doing your makeup — then you can adjust your plantation shutters to let a little bit of light in.

They Can Be Easily Cleaned

When installing anything in your bathroom, you should think about how easy or difficult it will be to clean the item. After all, cleanliness is really important in this area of the home. However, some window coverings are quite difficult to clean. You might want to avoid any type of cloth window covering, for example. You might also want to avoid mini blinds that have a lot of separate slats that all have to be cleaned. Because of their design, however, plantation shutters are usually pretty easy for you to dust and clean.

They Shouldn't Be Damaged

You could be worried about purchasing plantation shutters for your master bathroom, since you could be worried that they will be damaged by the moisture in the room. You may want to avoid wood plantation shutters in the bathroom, since they can swell or rot over time due to moisture exposure. You shouldn't let this stop you from enjoying the benefits of having plantation shutters in your bathroom, however. After all, there are vinyl plantation shutters available that should not be damaged from being in a moist room, such as the bathroom. Therefore, they could be a great window covering option for you to check into.