• Making Your Own Painting Studio—Building Construction Tips

    If you're serious about becoming a commissioned painter for tabletop wargaming, then you'll want a top-class studio to work in. Whilst some people will be comfortable working in their home, this may not always be a feasible option if you have a family and children, or quite simply a lack of space. Some individuals recruit construction teams, employing their building services to create top-quality outdoor buildings or extensions that will accommodate the painting of model figures.
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  • How to Restore Your Old and Rusty External Balustrade

    External balustrades are regularly exposed to elements such as water, dust and even salts from the environment, which makes them very susceptible to rust. As time passes, the balustrade accumulates rust, and once the rusting has started, the degradation might continue until the metal is completely ruined. It is essential to remove the rust and give special treatment to the metal to reverse the rusting process and stop further corrosion. Here are tips on how you can restore your rusting balustrade to its former glory.
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