How to Restore Your Old and Rusty External Balustrade

Posted on: 23 January 2018

External balustrades are regularly exposed to elements such as water, dust and even salts from the environment, which makes them very susceptible to rust. As time passes, the balustrade accumulates rust, and once the rusting has started, the degradation might continue until the metal is completely ruined. It is essential to remove the rust and give special treatment to the metal to reverse the rusting process and stop further corrosion. Here are tips on how you can restore your rusting balustrade to its former glory.

Detaching the balustrade

There are a few people who state that it is possible to work on a balustrade when it is still attached to the rest of the structure. However, it is best to remove the support structure using an electric screwdriver. Store all the parts used in fixing the balustrade correctly because you will need them to reinstall the railing once you are through with the restoration.

Scrubbing off the rust

Place the balustrade on a horizontal surface and then use a tool such as a hand brush to remove as much of the accumulated rust as possible. Get a sanding sponge and get rid of any paint that could have remained on the surface of the metal. The desired result here should be a smooth and grey metallic balustrade, ready for restoration.

Coating the metal with primer

When you are satisfied that all the rust and old paint has been removed, wipe the surface of the metal with a clean cloth. Then, get a quality rust resistant metal primer to protect the metal from further rust. Primers which are sold in spray cans tend to work very well. Apply two coats of the primer and let the metal dry entirely before the next step.

Replacing the balustrade

After the primer, you can either opt to apply a coat of fresh paint or leave the metal as it is. Replace the balustrade using the electric screwdriver and the parts that you had saved. In case you are not able to remove the balustrade for the restoration process, think about using the conventional primer and paint. You will clean the structure, remove any excessive dirt and then apply the primer and paint with a brush.

Maintenance of your balustrades, especially those located outside the home, is the best way to ensure that they give you long service. You should also consult experts in their installation to get corrosion-resistant metals when buying balustrades.