Why You Should Choose a Diamond Engagement Ring vs. a Ring With a Cheaper Stone

Posted on: 28 June 2021

You might be preparing to propose to the person you love, and you might want to purchase a ring before you do so. You could be interested in diamond engagement rings, but if you're on a budget, you could be thinking about buying a ring with a cheaper stone, such as cubic zirconia. This is the right choice for some people, but you might want to buy a diamond engagement ring instead for the following reasons.

It Might Not Be Much More Expensive

Many people assume that diamond rings are much more expensive than rings that feature cubic zirconia and other cheaper stones, and obviously, this is mostly true. However, the price difference might not be as significant as you think it is. You can look into real diamond rings with smaller diamonds, for example, or you can check out used diamond rings. There are also financing options that can make diamond rings more affordable.

It Might Be a Lot More Aesthetically Pleasing

Some rings with cheaper stones tend to look a bit "cheap." Although the meaning of the ring is probably a lot more important to you than the look of the ring itself, you do probably want to present your loved one with a beautiful ring that they will be proud to show off. If you check out some of the nice diamond engagement rings that are on the market, you may find that they are a lot more attractive. You can even consider having a custom diamond engagement ring made just for your soon-to-be spouse to ensure that the ring has the look that you want it to have.

It'll Hold Its Value Better

Even though it might be true that you will have to spend more money on a diamond engagement ring, you will probably find that the investment will be worth it. After all, in many cases, diamond engagement rings hold their value pretty well over the years.

It May Last Longer

Diamonds are very hard and are surprisingly durable. Plus, in many cases, rings that are made with diamonds are a bit more well-made than rings that feature other types of stones, which means that they can hold up a lot better. You will probably want your soon-to-be spouse to be able to wear and enjoy their ring for a long time to come, and one way that you can help ensure that this is the case is by buying a nice, good-quality, well-made ring.

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