Structure, Safety and More: What a Building Surveyor Will Do for You

Posted on: 15 December 2020

Consulting a building surveyor when you're looking to purchase a property is always a smart idea. Of course, you can gain insight into whether a building is structurally sound, safe and well-built. However, there are also other roles that a surveyor can play, and they're capable of providing additional information, which you may not realize is available to you. Here's what else a building surveyor can do for you.

Energy Efficiency

At the most basic level, your building surveyor is trained to ensure that buildings are compliant with local energy regulations. However, they can also give you an idea of how energy-efficient the property will be overall, and highlight any problem areas. This will help you to make an environmentally-friendly purchase or to plan for building improvements to correct these issues. No need to worry about getting any nasty surprises in your first energy bill.

Law and Planning

If there are any remaining legal or planning issues that you need to know about, then a building surveyor can advise you of this. Local building surveyors will have excellent knowledge of your legal responsibilities. Let them know if you're planning on any extensions or major renovations to the property, too. They may be able to advise you of any complications or roadblocks you may face from a legal perspective.


It's not just the building itself that needs to be considered, but the land it's situated on. A building surveyor can identify any potential environmental issues you may have. These could range from flood risks to air quality and pollution issues and plenty more besides. You wouldn't want to buy the right property in the wrong place, and your building surveyor is the perfect person to prevent that from happening.

Project Management

It may be that you're using a building surveyor to investigate a building you already own, perhaps in preparation for major renovation works. Be advised that building surveyors also make great project managers and overseers for this kind of work. They can keep an eye on construction as it progresses, and their expert knowledge in a wide range of issues makes them the ideal candidate for doing so.

In short, building surveyors are useful in many different situations, as the range of skills they're trained in are diverse and valuable. The next time you're working through a stressful purchase or project, rely on their expertise. It'll buy you peace of mind as well as all that experience and knowledge.

Contact a local building surveyor to learn more.