4 Customisations to Consider When Buying a Shipping Container for Your Business

Posted on: 22 October 2020

Do you need a shipping container for storing merchandise and inventory or setting up an office? To get the best value from the container, you need to customise it to your specific needs. Customisations vary depending on container usage. For example, to store temperature-sensitive materials, you need climate control features to regulate humidity and temperatures inside the unit. As you consider your options, here are four customisations that could improve the usability of your container.

Custom container sizing

Shipping containers come in standard lengths of 20ft and 40ft. Do you need one in these standard dimensions, or would you like to customise it? Depending on your needs, you can get custom lengths of around 10ft or 15ft. Most suppliers can cut down the shipping container to suit your needs. Similarly, there are extra long containers measuring up to 45ft in length. However, before getting a customised container, ask about the availability of custom fixtures such as doors.

Custom doors and locking systems

If you intend to use the container often or store valuables, invest in a premium door and a reliable locking system. Similarly, when converting a shipping container into an office, you need a visually appealing entry door. Most containers come with a standard swing door. However, you can switch it out for other designs such as roll-up, side-mounted or end mounted door. 

Is security an issue in your area? If so, remember to get a reliable locking system. The standard padlock system may not be efficient in securing your container. You can opt for high-quality locks such as deadbolt locks. Smart locks are also a suitable option for securing your container.

Interior finishing and fixtures

Depending on the desired uses of the container, you may want to add interior fixtures and finishes. These include electricity and plumbing, heating and air conditioning, ventilation, insulation, tiling, shelving, and much more. You could also repaint the interior to brighten up the space and give it a welcoming feel. These fit-outs are a great addition if you intend to convert the container into an office space. 

Exterior add-ons

The exterior of your container can impact your business, especially if you get client visits on the premises. Therefore, spruce it up a little by adding exterior finishes. You can paint the container, add your brand logo or signage, install an awning above the entry door, or fix a ramp for easy access. If you plan on moving the container, you could also install wheels for easy transportation.

Shipping containers are incredibly versatile, but only if they have the right customisations. As you make a purchase, ask about the above modifications so you can get the best value from the container.