Three Common Questions About Pine Sawdust Answered

Posted on: 19 August 2020

Pine sawdust is used for many different applications, but for those just putting in their first commercial or personal order, it will feel very confusing. Not to worry, pine sawdust is relatively easy to handle and store once you get it in your possession, and almost all of your questions will become fairly obvious. Still, it is important to be prepared as well as you can be, so here are a few answers to common questions that people have about pine sawdust. These should hopefully make your first few experiences with pine sawdust much easier.

Is It Really Good As Mulch?

One of the prime reasons private households buy pine sawdust is to use it in mulch, and the answer is yes, as a component of mulch pine sawdust works great. The only additional thing you might want to add into your sawdust before you use it as mulch is nitrogen so that your plants are not completely smothered. Otherwise, pine sawdust can be used on its own, or in collaboration with woodchips and fertiliser to create mulch. It does need to be more frequently replaced than traditional mulch if used on its own, but it is also much cheaper so it is still a worthwhile investment. 

Is It Dangerous To Pets?

Apart from use in the garden. pine sawdust is also used for animal bedding, either in large amounts for horses or in smaller portions with hamsters, rabbits and similar creatures. Pine shavings can be dangerous to pets, as they can give off a scent that is not very good for smaller animals. However, pine sawdust is totally safe, as it is much finer particles that have been split up so that they do not give off any of the same chemicals. So no, pine sawdust is not any more dangerous to pets than any other type of sawdust.

How Do I Store It?

Pine sawdust can be stored anywhere that is cool and dry. Preferably you should try to keep it out of direct sunlight so that the sawdust does not get exceptionally dry (although it is already quite dry to begin with), as that can become a fire hazard. As long as you use it within a few years, your pine sawdust should retain a lot of its properties such as absorption and thermal retention. However, sawdust will need to be replaced eventually, which is why most people get regular shipments of pine sawdust to fill their needs.