3 Things to Know Before Buying and Installing Buffalo Grass in Your Yard

Posted on: 27 May 2020

Buffalo grass is one of the most loved grass varieties in Australia. This turf variety features luscious, soft and broad blades, and it has a higher shade tolerance as compared to other types. What's more, it is low maintenance and has excellent wear tolerance, making it ideal for homes that have pets and kids. However, before you buy and install Buffalo grass in your yard, here are three crucial things that you should know.

Know the Buffalo Varieties on the Market

Before you buy Buffalo turf, it's crucial to know the available varieties. In Australia, the common ones are Prestige, Sapphire and Palmetto. While all are soft-leaf varieties, they have a few differentiating features. Prestige Buffalo has an intense deep colour and is incredibly drought-resistant. It has a higher shade tolerance than Sapphire and Palmetto. However, it may be more expensive than other Buffalo varieties.

Sapphire Buffalo has very soft blades, and this can reduce its wear resistance under great abuse. The softness of the leaves also allows them to curl during the winter, and this protects the lawn against frost damage. Palmetto Buffalo is impressively hard-wearing, and this makes it the best choice for kids and pets. It can also get away with little watering. 

Understand the Watering Needs of New Buffalo Turf

Different grass varieties have varying watering requirements. When you first install your turf, you need to water it frequently for it to grow and thrive. Thus, unless you want a dead lawn within a week, know how much water your grass needs. Generally, you need to water your Buffalo grass around an hour after installation. Saturate the soil to allow the roots to establish properly

The principle with new lawns is to keep the grass wet at all times. This will ensure the roots grow as deep enough as possible. New roots only grow as deep as the depth of the soil-water bank. Thus, if you don't water regularly, you will end up with shallow-rooted Buffalo grass that won't survive the dry months.

Know the Long-Term Maintenance Requirements

All Buffalo grass varieties are low maintenance. However, they need proper care to thrive. The essential maintenance steps are mowing, watering and fertilising. Once the grass is established, you can water once or twice during most times of the year. However, limit the watering to once or twice a month during the winter.

Mow your lawn to maintain a maximum height of 50mm, and fertilise it regularly to ensure healthy growth. Finally, remember to watch out for the pests and weeds as well. If your lawn gets infested, use the right pesticides and treatments to protect the grass.

These are the main things you should know before buying Buffalo turf for your lawn. Talk to a landscaping contractor for more insights and installation advice.