Factors That Influence the Design of a Retail Shop Layout

Posted on: 20 January 2020

So you've decided to try your luck in the retail industry? Starting a retail business in your local town is an awesome way to get started. But you will need more than just luck to succeed. 

Having a proper layout for your shop is essential for ensuring you get off on the right foot. This is where a shopfitter comes in. You can arrange to have them come down to your commercial space to determine which layout would work best for your shop. 

What makes a great shop layout? There are several things that shopfitters take into account when designing the layout of their clients' shops. Here are some key considerations that they normally make.

Floor Plan

No matter the size of your shop, the type of floor plan you decide on plays an integral role in managing space and traffic at the shop. The decision on which one is appropriate for you will depend on a range of factors, including the kind of shop you have, how small or large the shop is, the products you sell and the kinds of customers you're targeting.

Understanding customer behavior is vital for selecting the right floor plan for your shop. Are they in a hurry to find what they want to buy or do they not mind taking their time to discover new items along the way? 

For example, bookshops, hardware stores, grocery shopping stores and supermarket chain stores often favour grid floor layouts because they're efficient for customers to navigate. Free-flow layouts are ideal for retail businesses such as boutiques since they encourage customers to take a look around rather than have to use certain paths around the shop.

Architectural Style of the Retail Building

The architecture of a building is a combination of different factors, including the materials, colours, patterns and finishes that have been used in the construction of a building. When choosing a layout for your retail shop, it is important to choose a style that blends in well with the building's overall architectural style.

The appropriate layout for your shop shouldn't drift apart from the architectural style of the building, but it should accentuate it in a seamless way. 

The layout of your shop is going to affect the buying decisions of customers that walk into the shop. It is, therefore, imperative to choose the correct design for your interior fit-out. Contact a shopfitter near you if you need shopfitting services.