What Fire Protection Services Can Do For Your Business

Posted on: 30 November 2019

As the whole country watches while the fires tear through New South Wales and Queensland, it serves as a good reminder that everyone needs to take fire safety more seriously. While that is true at home, it is also true at work, and it is time to consider what precautions your workplace has taken against the possibility of a fire. Fire protection services are comprised of a group of professionals that can provide you with invaluable planning and preparation advice that is unique to your situation and could end up saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly lives as well.

Initial Inspection

Fire protection services are much better than simply buying a fire extinguisher or two because they actually inspect your place of work and check for problems that you might not have considered. They can see where the most likely fire risks are and how to combat them. This might mean fire blankets in kitchens, but it could also mean design elements that you incorporate into your building like fire doors. Getting fire protection services to give you a written analysis of your building can also help you with insurance purposes after you have put in place all their recommendations.

External Threats

Not all fire threats to businesses come from inside the building, and if your work is close to bushland or has overhanging trees, then you should consider what that might mean for your safety going forward. Fire inspection services will help you determine whether you should clear the trees around your workplace to give you a buffer zone. They will also ensure that you get proper grates on all your gutters so that the built-up twigs and leaves do not become a fire hazard. It's important for you to regularly clear flammable debris off of your roof so that fire has no easy way to grab hold. 

Recommended Tools And Procedures

With your fire protection services complete, you can expect to have at least some of the following prescribed:

  • Fire extinguishers, blankets and first aid kits
  • Sprinkler systems (different types for different businesses)
  • Fire doors and fire alarm systems
  • Escape plan and specifically designed drills relevant to your workplace
  • Emergency warning devices for dangers nearby

And many more that might be more relevant to your situation. It is very important that you put into practice all of their suggestions, even if there is a significant cost behind it. When it comes to potentially losing your entire business, this cost seems rather minimal.