Two Tips to Bear in Mind When Updating the Decor in Your Commercial Office

Posted on: 22 July 2019

If the decor in your commercial office needs to be updated, you might want to heed the following advice when you begin the process of buying new decorative items for this space.

Buy your indoor plants from a hydroponic shop

Few things will improve the look of an office faster and more effectively than some carefully selected indoor plants. If you'll be buying a few new plants as part of your efforts to update your commercial space, then it is best to purchase them from one of the hydroponic shops in your area.

There are several reasons why hydroponically grown plants are ideal for use in this environment. Firstly, because these plants are not grown in soil, there is no risk of insects that live in soil taking up residence in these plants. This, in turn, will not only mean the leaves and flowers of the plants will not be damaged by insects but will also ensure that your office will not end up inhabited by soil-loving creatures.

Secondly, the absence of soil makes these plants more hygienic than those which are grown in this medium. This is because moist soil can serve as a very suitable environment for many types of pathogens to grow in; as such, if your plants are not sitting in a pot of this substance, there is less chance of your office employees who come into contact with this greenery contracting illnesses as a result of this.

Thirdly, unlike greenery that is grown in soil, which can leave the floor it is on covered in dirt if it is moved or knocked over, hydroponically cultured plants will create very little mess if the pots that they are in are accidentally tipped over. This is important, as a dirty floor could give your office an unprofessional appearance.

Stick with large, striking pieces of art rather than lots of knick-knacks

When buying decorative objects for your commercial office, it is best to pick fairly large, striking pieces of art (such as a big, freestanding sculpture or a generously sized painting) instead of lots of knick-knacks. There are quite a few reasons why you should avoid opting for small decorative items.

Firstly, these small objects will rapidly collect dust. This could not only affect the health of your asthmatic and allergy-prone employees (as dust is a lung irritant and an allergen) but will also create more work for your office cleaners, as they will need to wipe down each of these items every time they clean the office.

Additionally, if you use these items to decorate the windowsills, reception desk and other flat surfaces in the office, it is almost inevitable that some of them will end up being knocked over and broken by your employees or clients. Your cleaners will then have to spend their time sweeping up the debris.

Conversely, if you opt for hefty decorative items that don't get in the way and which are made up of large, flat surfaces, they will be less likely to get damaged and will be much easier and quicker to dust.