How to Take Advantage of the Latest Developments in the Die-Cutting Industry

Posted on: 13 November 2017

If you're heavily involved in marketing a business, you will be looking out for new ways to do so as you strive to keep ahead of your competition. It's great to know that the printing industry is streaking ahead with their own levels of innovation to provide you with different ways to publicise your product or service. You may be familiar with die-cutting as a way of producing some custom stickers, but not be aware of the very latest developments in the business. What are these and how could they be beneficial to you?

Printing in the Past

Many printing services are now bringing in the very latest inkjet printers and cutters to revolutionise the process. As you may be aware, this method could be relatively time-consuming in the past, which would involve an additional cost.

Initially, the stickers would need to be printed on an offset or digital printing press before being exposed to a steel cutting implement on a separate press to be pushed out in the shape of a customised sticker. The remaining paper would need to be held to the press by separate pins in order to keep the die-cut product from falling away.

Ultimately, the surrounding element would have to be separated and then discarded. This latter process would be somewhat cumbersome and require specialised equipment that many commercial print shops may not have had in-house.

Modern Options

However, today the entire procedure can be handled by machines that have integrated inkjets and label cutters, capable of producing any type of output very effectively. Once the machine starts to print the output, a tiny blade will simultaneously move around its perimeter to selectively cut it in a process known as "kiss cutting." Essentially, it's cutting through the coated surface, but not the backing underneath, and this allows the end-user to simply peel away the label from the backing instead.

These machines are very sophisticated and can accurately prepare the labels by moving the miniature knife and the paper (if needed) back and forth. This will invariably cut down on the amount of time needed, and as there is no need for a separate die-cutting machine, the cost can be contained more effectively. If you want to be even more "state-of-the-art", you should ask for equipment that is laser-guided instead, where the die-cutting element is handled by a burning laser rather than a knife of any kind.

Ordering Your Output

Have a word with a printer who provides sticker printing services so that you can create some amazing new marketing materials cost-effectively.