What You Need to Consider Before Buying a Water Pump

Posted on: 12 July 2017

If you're in the market to buy a new water pump, there are several things that you need to consider before you make your selection. What are the key factors you should look at before you add any pumps to your shopping list?

Flow Rate and Inlet Diameter

Firstly, you are looking for efficiency and will want to know how quickly your pump is going to be able to deliver the water. This is known as the "flow rate," which refers to the number of litres of water produced per minute. If you're looking to supply a commercial operation, then you'll be looking for a larger delivery rate, as compared to a home installation.

Efficiency and delivery rate can also be determined by the size of the inlet. The larger the inlet diameter, the better the flow rate and the quicker the job will be completed.

Elevation and Pressure

Where do you want to deliver the water to? If it is to an elevated position, you'll need to determine the maximum head capacity of the pump first. The aforementioned flow rate can be affected by the height, and you will need to refer to the specifications of the pump to see how high it can deliver when under different pressure rates. You'll need to consider how far the pump is drawing water from its source, as well as any additional gradient between the pump and its delivery point.

Pump Curve

Calculations can become somewhat complicated here, especially when you need a specific amount of pressure at a particular height. You may need to refer to the documentation to calculate the "pump curve."


What type of liquid do you need to move? If it's simply water, then transfer pumps should be perfectly adequate. However, if you have any kind of content within the liquid, you will need a specific workhorse. Solids or debris require a trash pump, while thicker materials (such as sewer content) will probably need a diaphragm instead.


Finally, think about how much work you have ahead and overall longevity. You will always want equipment that is dependable and that can meet your specific demands, but if the operation is particularly important (such as if the pump is for protecting a home against fire), then you should only select the best quality of pump. In particular, consider how long the engine and associated components should last.

Choosing Your Pump

Have a word with an experienced water pump supplier so that you can choose the very best option for your specific needs.