Keep Your Night Crew Safe and Visible With These Essentials

Posted on: 25 June 2017

If you are in charge of a construction or road works crew that works during the night, a great deal of their safety is in your hands. For these workers to be safe, they need to be visible to passing traffic. The right workwear, as well as other safety accessories, can help. Here's what you need:

1. Taped Shirts and Coveralls

You can buy workwear that has reflective tape stitched onto it. This can work for both day and night crews, and it saves you time as you don't have to apply your own tape. Make sure that workers are covered with reflective outfits. A shirt on its own is not enough—they also need taped trousers or full taped coveralls.

2. Lots of White

Visibility workwear often comes in bright orange or yellow. During the day, those colours tend to be the most effective. However, at night, you may want to opt for white. It bounces the most light off it and thus can be seen the easiest by motorists or other workers driving equipment around.

3. Extra Tape

Even if you buy workwear with visibility tape integrated into it, you should invest in some extra tape. That way, if someone forgets their pre-taped safety gear or if you have a temp worker for the night, you can add reflective tape to their workwear. Make sure to invest in a tape that adheres to the fabric as well as tape that works on plastic so you can add it to the hardhats.

4. Reflective Outerwear

The temps often drop at night in many areas, and as a result, your workers may need to add extra layers to stay warm. To be on the safe side, make sure that any outerwear that is approved for use on site also has reflective properties. To that end, you may want to invest in warm vests or coats in white with tape integrated into their designs.

5. Additional Lighting

Don't just rely on workwear to make your workers visible. Also, invest in some extra safety accessories. For night crews, overhead lights, in particular, can be useful. They allow the crew to see, but they also help make them visible to others.

6. Dusk and Dawn Considerations

You don't just need extra visible workwear during the middle of the night. Visibility can also be extremely compromised for drivers at dusk and dawn. That's especially true when drivers are going toward the rising or setting sun. Make sure to incorporate these tips during those times of days as well.