5 Tips When Designing Your Custom Name Badges

Posted on: 22 May 2017

Name badge manufacturers usually give their clients the option of designing the badges that they would like their employees to wear. However, some business owners make some design mistakes that can ruin the effectiveness of those badges. This article discusses some helpful tips that you should keep in mind so that you avoid making mistakes as you design your custom name badges

Select Background Colours Carefully

It is advisable to avoid having multiple background colours on your name badges. This is because multiple colours can overshadow the most important aspects of the badge, such as the logo and the text printed on that badge. It is better to opt for a single background colour so that attention focuses on the logo and the other information on those custom name badges.

Badge Shape Matters

Always select a badge shape that matches with the shape of your logo. This attention to detail will make the custom badge to appear attractive since everything in it will be seamlessly fitting together. For example, avoid selecting an oval shape for your badge in case the logo is square. This is because it may become hard to insert the other information that needs to be placed on those badges so that the badge is balanced.

Text Alignment

How you align the text of your custom badge can detract from or magnify the visual appeal of those badges. It may be better for you to align all the texts to the centre of the badge so that you avoid the likelihood of having unnecessary spaces on one side of the badge. Central alignment saves the custom badge from looking uneven.

Pay Attention to the Fasteners

Custom badges give you the liberty to choose the fastening method that is best suited to your line of business. You should therefore take your time and compare all the options, such as pins, lanyards and magnets. For instance, it may be advisable for you to opt for magnetic fasteners in case the fabric that you use as uniforms can be damaged by pin fasteners.

Consider Security Needs

You may also consider including features that can make it hard for people to counterfeit your custom name badges in order to access restricted areas on your premises. For instance, you can include magnetic stripes that store information about the individual using that badge. Security personnel can then pass a portable scanner over the badge in order to be sure that the card is authentic.

Work closely with the manufacturer of custom name badges so that you can be helped to select the best design aspects for your needs. Their expertise will be crucial in enabling you to avoid making a costly mistake in the design process.